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Hi, I'm Caleb.

I'm a full-stack web developer (whatever that means). I like building websites, apps, and APIs that solve real-world problems. But I also like making things just for fun.

I like coffee (but not too much), board games, and I love my family.

Have a cool idea of something you want to build? I'd love to hear it! Just shoot me an e-mail.

Some of My Projects


A starter theme for the Ghost blogging platform. Built with Bootstrap 4's SASS and using Font Awesome, pulled together with Webpack.


A starting point for developers creating incremental games. Includes a delta-driven game loop, the base UI elements in place, and a very small working demo.


A starter theme for the Vue static site generator Gridsome (also the basis for this site!).

Some of My Thoughts

Client / Server Strategy with

System architecture for easily communicating between server and client with

Posted 4. October 2017. 7 min read.
Building a Component Library

Design philosophy in building a component library from scratch.

Posted 26. June 2017. 3 min read.
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Laravel Mix and Bootstrap 4's Javascript

Getting Bootstrap 4's Javascript to play nicely with Laravel's build system.

Posted 16. March 2017. 2 min read.